Cape Tribulation

Beginning a New 2017

Chapter One
The First Day

From the Past
   In the ten years after Mohammed’s first choice in 2017, the Middle East was in turmoil. Three diverging factions were involved in their own plans for resolution. Responder from The Directory that was seeking to establish a new world order, Mohammed seeking a peaceful jihad that would in some respects bring a similar world structure, and the CIA with the affirmed intention of protecting the national security of the United States were playing the role of a power broker in the changing world scene, especially in the Middle East. Those living in different parts of the world, including the indigenous of Cape York, were at a loss to identify who might be the one to fear the most. The three entities, without public announcement, came together under an umbrella called Dark Shadow. They were active in the Middle East and world affairs when the King of the North entered the scene as the Mahdi, and his assassination sealed the Fabric of Time; it was back to the beginning of another ten years in another 2017. It was the time for Mohammed to return to the time of his first choice and face the same two doors. He would choose differently and the Fabric of Time would resume its course with the beginning of a new 2017—around the world.
   In the forthcoming ten years, at least two people will have a memory of the life that was lived after Mohammed’s first choice. Harold and Sarah Warren will remember those ten years, but Mohammed will not. Who else might also know or come to know in the course of time will be for the reader to discover as the story progresses.

Mohammed’s Second Timeline Begins in Other Lives
   The Elder called Greg Mabo to his bungalow on Thursday Island on the first day of 2017. He handed him a folded sheet of paper. “There is a name and date of arrival at Cairns. You are to meet that person. She will be expecting you. Check her into the hotel also named on the paper. The next morning, take her to our bank in Cairns where she may open a private account and obtain some Australian Dollars. Then bring her to Cape Tribulation where accommodations are awaiting her. Tell her, ‘You are not alone. It may be several days before those who will lead you farther can be here. Accept the hospitality of others as it is given and be at peace.’ 


   On the other side of the world, the reinvented Marsha Phillips was struggling with her situation. Plan B seemed to be well-formulated, but she thought, What am I supposed to do when I reach Australia? I've not consulted with a travel agent and have no plans after my arrival. Someone will have to help me. 
   There was no waiting lounge to delay her with the diplomatic passport at the Baghdad airport. As she made her way through the checkpoints to the boarding gate, her Agency training forced its way into her consciousness. Everyone near her called for an evaluation. She struggled to avert the trap of paranoia and was able to relax through the process. She was soon reclining in her seat at altitude on the way to Frankfurt and drifted off to sleep, entering a dream world not common for her. 
   She did not recognize her surroundings—there was nothing to see except the white cloud base on which she stood. She did pause to think, How am I able to stand on a cloud? That thought was short-lived as she came to realize she was not alone. A bushy-haired, early elderly man with deep blue eyes dressed in a blue pinstripe seersucker suit stood at her side. “My name is Samuel Goodson. It’s nice to meet you, Marsha Phillips. I know you have many questions, and I have been sent to tell you that a way has been prepared for you from this point forward. 
   “Before I continue, are there any questions you would like to ask?” 
   “I don’t know you from previous experience. I've had encounters with my guardian angel, the Janitor, on at least two occasions. Are you associated with him in any measure?”
   Samuel nodded and said, “The Janitor and I work together in many instances—including yours. He is always with you while I may come and go. You will come to accept that set of circumstances as time passes. 
   “But is there something else of concern?”
   “I’m not worried about my travels and where I’ll reside in the future, even though the unknown surrounds both. What I would like to know more than anything else right now is, ‘Who is the father of my child who will arrive in another six months?’ I have no clue after much thought.”
   Samuel let the question hang for a few moments. “It is not for me to answer that question. But you will soon know. You must put that question aside and concentrate on your travel orders. You should know that your way has been prepared and no one can bring you harm.
   “On your arrival in Cairns, you will meet with an indigenous Islander by the name of Gregory Mabo. Do not worry about finding him, he will find you. He will guide you on the rest of your journey—until you are settled and confirmed in a life where the future will be of no concern. You are to be one of the privileged few to receive knowledge of that which is to come to pass by the Hand of The One. Perhaps what I have said will bring more questions to surface. ‘Do not let your heart be troubled’ a very wise man once told those who followed him. The complete story is contained in the fourteenth chapter of the Gospel of John. You should read it at your earliest convenience. I can give you no better advice.”
   Marsha awakened in her seat feeling strengthened by her encounter with Samuel Goodson, thinking, I don’t believe I've heard the last from this kind gentleman, whoever he is.