Bank of Terror 

Book 1

The Syrian Saber 

Book 3

A Tree in the Desert 

Book 2

Mohammed, now named Sargon, the newly proclaimed Mahdi of Islam, reaches global dominion. Prophecy emerges from the darkness of concealed ambitions to the light of day…

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Author Introduction

JACK GRESHAM spent three years flying F86Ds in the Air Defense Command out of Maguire Air Force Base in New Jersey before earning his medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1961. He continued training to specialize in orthopedic surgery. He was in private practice in Orlando, Florida for thirty-seven years during which time he served four years as the Director of Orthopedic Education at Orange Memorial Hospital.

He and his wife Moena spent five years establishing a Western-style orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation department in a Saudi Arabian hospital in the early eighties. Before retiring, they went on many medical mission trips to the Ukraine, and one each to Brazil and Africa.

He resides with his wife in Orlando, Florida. He and Moena have three children and five grandchildren. They will celebrate their sixty-fourth wedding anniversary on

November 19, 2017.

If you'd like to contact the author, you can send him an email at

Bank of Terror, is framed in our present time line that ventures into a fictional future.

Nuclear holocaust becomes a possibility…

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Cape Tribulation 

Book 4

Mohammed returns to the end of Book One, as can only be done in fiction, he chooses to walk through the second door into another time line. He makes a deal Lucifer…

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Mohammed makes his first choice. Traveling in time is a new experience. His past is a memory known only to him…

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